We believe in the power of stories. We also believe children have the power to change the world and understand far more than we give them credit for. With our books we aim to illustrate the realities of animal farming in a friendly and non-invasive manner, by letting young readers connect with the characters and make their own mind about these pressing issues.

Written by Cheryl Moss | Illustrations by Irene Blasco.

100% of proceeds go towards non-profit organizations fighting to end animal cruelty.

Gabriel is a beautifully illustrated and engaging story of a young girl named Claire and her rescued veal calf named Gabriel.


Claire grew up in a time when people turned off their feelings toward animals and ignored the damage being done to our planet. Mother Nature sent a warning to the adults as the climate changed and a deadly virus engulfed humankind.


Our young protagonist Claire takes matters into her own hands rescuing a veal calf from certain death. Through Claire’s journey to save her beloved Gabriel and the planet, our young readers learn about love, compassion, and making good choices.


Claire’s brave and bold decision teaches and inspires her parents and humanity—captivating young readers and everyone that reads Gabriel.

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The second in a trilogy of beautifully illustrated children’s books, this story about the compelling journey of a young chicken named Cluck, told by a sage parrot.


Cluck is a very fortunate bird that was born in the safety and security of a sanctuary. But he is surrounded by birds who have seen hardship at the hands of humans, including the book’s narrator, an old wise parrot. Cluck is about to learn about other chicks who are not protected firsthand, as a factory farm and a chicken dinner drive-thru are built down the road. Children and adults of all ages will be moved and captivated by Cluck’s journey.

Pickle: Can One Little Pig Weather the Storm? is a riveting, fun and engaging book about a pig born into a factory farm where he is raised to become bacon served on a plate.


Pickle, like all of his companions, are raised in crowded and dirty warehouses where everyone is treated without compassion for their feelings or personal comfort. But a hurricane changes his chances for a better life. This book takes you on this journey that is sure to delight children of all ages.