Congratulations for deciding to take the kind path for all of the Gabriel’s, Cluck’s and Pickle’s in the world! With your help, we can make a difference.


There are some great websites that offer a wide variety of ways you can save animals from needless harm. One of the best is Peta Kids. Check it out!


First, it’s good to have your parents on your side. Explain to them how you want to be kind to animals and that means never eating them, wearing them or experimenting on them! Tell them how you know all animals have feelings and you don’t want to contribute to their suffering any longer. Then it’s good to let your teachers and your friends know you’re making a change for kindness. Invite them to join in. The animals need all the help that they can get.

You may think that saying “no” to hamburgers or steak is enough, but don’t forget about milk. Remember, cow’s milk is meant for baby cows. Same thing with cheese and butter.


In order for animal dairy products to come to you, the baby calf is taken away from his or her mom within a couple of days! This is what happened to Gabriel.


Lucky for us we live at a time where there are so many wonderful plant based alternatives. So go ahead and have that milk, cheese and butter made from almonds, oats or soy. They are delicious!

Our favorite brands making a difference:


Silk | Califia Farms | Planet Oat | Beyond Meat | Impossible Foods | Miyokos

cow and girl

Eggs are baby birds, who just like Cluck, are waiting to be born. They are not meant to be food for humans. Chickens raised to lay eggs are kept in tiny spaces unable to move. Chickens used to lay eggs suffer terribly. It’s even worse for the male chicks.


Chickens raised for meat on our plates live miserable, sad lives. Same with turkeys! You can help all birds when you say no to chicken and turkey on your plate, and all while not missing a thing.


There are really good products that make tasty plant based egg meals and chicken nuggets that are delicious. The big difference is that you can enjoy your food without anyone having to suffer.

Our favorite brands making a difference:


Quorn | Just Eggs | Make It Dairy Free

Remember how Pickle was granted his freedom only because of a hurricane. He could have died in that storm, but, lucky for him, he made it.


Pigs are so smart; there are many true stories of pigs risking their lives for the chance at freedom. Life for those left behind is tragic from start to finish. Pigs are kept in dark cramped spaces, deprived of everything we all want and need. They don’t get to go out and enjoy the sunshine and play with their friends.


Pigs are naturally very affectionate. Mother’s love to cuddle with their babies. But in factory farming they are forced to live in “farrowing crates” where they can’t move and they can’t cuddle. It’s very sad. This will go on until people such as yourself say “no more.”


You can help pigs by saying “no” to bacon pork chops and hot dogs. Once again, there are so many yummy alternatives.

Our favorite brands making a difference:


Sweet Earth | Light Life | Field Roast | Yves Veggie | Upton’s Naturals